Transcript Notations

In compliance with applicable law, the Office of the University Registrar implemented a policy governing the recording of standard transcript notations for students who separate from the University on or after September 1, 2015.

Upon conclusion of the disciplinary appeal process, a permanent transcript notation will be indicated on a student’s record for cases resulting in suspension or expulsion. Students who withdraw from the University without resolving a pending disciplinary matter will also be issued a transcript notation. Notations on transcripts will be indicated as follows: Disciplinary Suspension; Disciplinary Expulsion; or Withdrawal with Conduct Charges Pending.

Students may make a formal request for a notation to be removed by submitting an appeal via email to Student Conduct and Community Standards after the following minimum periods of time have elapsed: At least one year following the completion of a Disciplinary Suspension; or at least one year following a Withdrawal with Conduct Charges Pending.

Transcript notations for Disciplinary Expulsions are not eligible for appeal.

Requests will be reviewed by the Associate Vice President for Student Conduct and Community Standards and the Dean of the student’s school. Requests will not be considered prior to the expiration of the minimum time periods.

While there are no specific content requirements, requests must be 10 pages or less and include a personal statement. Requests may also include, though are not limited to, the following:

  • Letters of support;
  • Proof of community involvement;
  • Certified completion of related individual or group treatment program (e.g. alcohol or other drug, anger management, individual counseling, etc.); or
  • Any other indicators of changes in life circumstances.

A student may make a total of two requests per transcript notation before they are no longer eligible for appeal.