Student Records

Records of student disciplinary proceedings conducted by the University are subject to FERPA. Student Conduct and Community Standards reports records of disciplinary matters that result in the change of a student’s good disciplinary standing at Columbia University. Matters that resulted in Disciplinary Probation are reported for seven years from the date that the student was found responsible for a violation of University policy. Matters that result in a Disciplinary Suspension or Expulsion from the University are reported indefinitely. Matters where students maintained good disciplinary standing are not reported unless otherwise specified by the student. Current and former students are expected to answer the call of any question asked on an application or questionnaire honestly regardless of our reporting policy.

Student records may be disclosed to University officials who have a legitimate educational interest. It is within the University's discretion to determine what qualifies as a legitimate educational interest and whether a student's privacy outweighs such interest. This may include, but is not limited to: honors, prizes, and/or fellowships.

To read more about the exceptions that apply to the disclosure of student records information, please review the Essential Policies.