When a report is received, SCCS will determine whether or not Dean’s Discipline is an appropriate response or if the report should be referred elsewhere. SCCS will also determine whether or not more information is required to initiate disciplinary action. Although the reporter will not participate in the hearing process, SCCS staff may follow up with him/her upon resolution of the case.

No report will be referred for disciplinary action unless there is reasonable cause to believe there has been a violation of policy. Reasonable cause is defined as some credible information to support each element of the violation, even if that information is merely a credible witness or a complainant’s statement. SCCS will assess the credibility of available information and determine if a report is wholly supported or unsupported by any such information. Information deemed not credible will not be forwarded for disciplinary action through Dean’s Discipline; however, may be addressed through less formal means, if applicable.