Case Managers

Case Management serves as the primary mechanism through which students receive support when coming to the Gender-Based Misconduct Office to seek assistance, file a complaint, or respond to an accusation of a Policy violation. The office has three Case Managers, each of whom is responsible for assisting students with academic, residential and other accommodations they might need related to the experiences of gender-based misconduct as well as the various needs that arise in connection with the investigation and adjudication process.

Case Managers work with all students who come to the Office, separate and apart from any investigation or adjudication, and can maintain a relationship with students through their graduation or separation from the University. They serve as a resource to help students understand the investigation and adjudication process and their rights within it. They also assist with appropriate accommodations regardless of whether a student chooses to file a complaint in the disciplinary process. While they are not a confidential resource, Case Managers protect student privacy to every extent possible and only share information that is essential to providing desired support and resources. Case Managers also provide support for gender-based misconduct cases involving a student complainant and a faculty or staff respondent.

Finally, in addition to working with individual students, Case Managers engage the campus community at large through trainings for students, faculty, and staff. By educating students and others about the Gender-Based Misconduct Policy, they promote community standards while affirming the Policy’s standard of sexual respect.

Please note that Student Conduct and Community Standards staff are non-confidential.

Student Conduct and Community Standards does not act as an advocate, but is a neutral resource available to all students. The Gender-Based Misconduct Office is responsible for referring students to available resources, offering appropriate protections, and coordinating the disciplinary process. The Office can provide support and assistance immediately following an incident, throughout the investigation and disciplinary process and throughout a student's time at the University.


Case Managers will work with all students affected by gender-based misconduct to ensure their safety and promote their well-being. Sometimes this assistance will take the form of actions or accommodations to support or protect a student in the immediate aftermath of an incident and while an investigation or a disciplinary action is pending.

Following a report of an incident, Student Conduct and Community Standards will provide written notice to the complainant and respondent of the accommodations that may be available. Students may request accommodations even in cases where a complainant has requested that no investigation be undertaken or the complainant or respondent has declined to participate in University disciplinary proceedings or the criminal process. Student Conduct and Community Standards will evaluate any request for accommodations in light of the circumstances and information available at the time. The University will provide information about the accommodations only to those who need to know in order to make them effective.

For a list of possible accommodations, please reference the Policy.

Student Conduct and Community Standards will also assist students seeking accommodations for a disability in connection with the process of reporting or responding to an incident of gender-based misconduct by working with the appropriate disability services office.

Outside of the University, a complainant may also be entitled to obtain remedies under applicable law, such as a judicial restraining order. The University can assist in contacting law enforcement or legal service organizations to learn about these remedies.

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