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Dean's Discipline Student Navigators

Undergraduate students are recommended to meet with a Dean's Discipline Student Navigator ("Navigator"). Navigators are undergraduate students who assist in upholding community standards at Columbia University through engagement with their peers.

Their primary role is to provide their peers, engaged in the Dean's Discipline process, with an opportunity to meet with another student who has a deep understanding of and respect for this Policy. Navigators can answer procedural questions and provide advice on how to best prepare for the hearing. Navigators are not privy to case information, unless the student chooses to disclose that information.

It is important to note that Navigators are Mandated Reporters as it relates to the Gender-Based Misconduct Policy for Students (GBM) and/or issues of safety. Any information shared with a Navigator relating to behaviors covered under the GBM Policy, immediate threat, and/or concerns to the well-being of the student and/or others will be reported to a Student Conduct and Community Standards staff member.

Please note every effort is made to accommodate all requests for a Navigator. However, meeting with a Navigator cannot be guaranteed, as they are also students/students first. Furthermore, the absence of a meeting with a Navigator is not considered grounds for: (1) delaying a file review, (2) delaying a hearing, or (3) an appeal.

A student can request a Navigator by contacting SCCS at

Role of the Advisor

Only undergraduate advising deans and designated administrators from the graduate and professional schools may advise and accompany students participating in the Dean’s Discipline process. It is the responsibility of the student to schedule time to meet with his/her advisor before the hearing. These administrators can answer questions about the hearing and are able to provide guidance regarding general preparation for the hearing. The primary responsibility of the advisor is to serve as a continued resource to the student, particularly in cases that impact the student’s academic progress.

For school specific information regarding the use of an advisor, please review the Policy. For a comprehensive list of Univesity and other local resources, click here.

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