Standards and Discipline contains descriptions of the policies addressed through the Dean’s Discipline process and details of the procedures. The Dean's Discipline process is initiated when an allegation is reported that a student has violated a policy articulated by the University or the student’s affiliated school and/or program.

Off-Campus Violations

Students may be subject to Dean’s Discipline for any activity that occurs on or off campus that impinges on the rights of other students and community members. This also includes violations of Local, State, or Federal law(s). As such, Columbia students are subject to the expectations set forth by the University no matter where they are on or off-campus.

Upon accepting admission to Columbia University, students are expected to become familiar with and uphold the University’s core values in such a way that they observe and abide by the policies of the University. Not knowing or understanding the Standards and Discipline does not excuse violations of policy.

Other Columbia University Policies and Procedures

As a member of the Columbia University community, each student is responsible for becoming familiar with the following policies and procedures:

 • General academic and behavioral policies, as outlined in faculty expectations (e.g., syllabi, classroom expectations, and examination instructions, etc.) and in respective school publications

 • Rules of University Conduct (Chapter XLIV of the Statutes of the University) As indicated in the introductory paragraph, these rules "are intended to ensure that all members of our community may engage in our cherished traditions of free expression and open debate" and specifically and exclusively to demonstrations, including protests, rallies or picketing.

 • Columbia University Student Policies on Discrimination and Harassment

   • Responding to acts of Bias and Discrimination (Undergraduate Student Life)

 • Columbia University Information Technology Acceptable Computer Use Policy

 • Columbia University Copyright, File Sharing, and Legal Entertainment Online Policies

 • Housing's Guide to Living (For undergraduate residence halls and brownstones)

 • Columbia Facilities Housing (UAH) Tenant Information

Standards and Discipline



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