If a student is notified that s/he is required to attend a Dean’s Discipline hearing, s/he will be informed of the allegations. In preparation for the hearing the student should schedule a file review, prepare a written statement describing his/her perspective, and consult with an advisor, if they deem necessary. Students are also encouraged to speak with staff members from Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) or other healthcare practitioners should s/he begin to feel overwhelmed while participating in the process.

File Review

A student is informed through the notice letter that s/he has the opportunity to review his/her file prior to the hearing. S/he must schedule a time with an SCCS staff member to come to the office and view his/her file. Exceptions to this expectation are made only in extenuating circumstances. S/he may also discuss procedural information about the Dean’s Discipline process with the SCCS staff member. To schedule an appointment, s/he should contact SCCS.

During the file review, a student may take notes (typed or written), but may not photograph any part of their file.

Written Statement

The student is advised to prepare a written statement for the hearing process. This statement must be completed by the student and should outline his/her perspective on the allegations and the incident as a whole. Statements submitted for the hearing process should be no longer than five (5) single-spaced pages. If additional attachments or information are provided, the material to be considered must be directly cross-referenced in the five-page statement. While submitting a written statement prior allows the hearing officers time to review it before the hearing, it is not required.

Role of the Advisor

Undergraduate advising deans and designated administrators from the graduate and professional schools may advise and accompany students participating in the Dean’s Discipline process. It is the responsibility of the student to schedule time to meet with his/her advisor before the hearing. These administrators can answer questions about the hearing and are able to provide guidance regarding general preparation for the hearing. The primary responsibility of the advisor is to serve as a continued resource to the student, particularly in cases that impact the student’s academic progress.

Dean's Discipline Student Navigators

The primary role of the Dean's Discipline Student Navigator, "Navigators," is to provide their undergraduate peers involved in the student conduct process with an opportunity to engage with another student who has an understanding of the Dean's Discipline process. Prior to a hearing, a Navigator can provide information about how to prepare for a hearing, what the hearing process will be like, and answer questions about post hearing follow-up. Navigators may also provide referrals to on-campus resources, when appropriate.

It is important to note that Navigators are Mandated Reporters as it relates to the Gender-Based Misconduct Policy for Students (GBM) and/or issues of safety. Any information shared with a Navigator relating to behaviors covered under the GBM Policy, immediate threat, and/or concerns to the well-being of the student and/or others will be reported to a Student Conduct and Community Standards staff member.

To request a Navigator, email or call 212-854-6872.